36 Best Mobile Business Ideas That’ll Drive a Profit

Mobile business ideas

Over the past years, small business owners and entrepreneurs have begun to optimize for greater mobility and a stronger digital presence in order to scale. For example, more food businesses now take orders through their websites and apps, offering direct delivery options to customers.

If you’re looking to launch a mobile business or take your existing business on wheels, then check out the following profitable mobile business ideas. Customers will often pay premium rates for extra convenience that comes with on-location service. Compare various industry median salaries via the U.S. Bureau of Labor website to get a clearer understanding of how much you may bring in once you launch your mobile business.

Tip: Create a business website for your mobile business idea so clients can book services, browse your business and more.

Best mobile business ideas

01. Food truck

Food trucks are a thriving billion-dollar industry, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. While this business idea is not new, many food-loving entrepreneurs looking to start a business have built an online presence to help them scale and cultivate new customers.

Ana Jimenez, Wix user and owner of Tacos El Jerry, manages a fleet of food trucks in Santa Cruz Country, California. She began taking orders through her website and website app last year and significantly increased her sales. She told the New York Times in 2021, “Our business grew. We even added a new truck,” adding that half her orders are now placed online.

Try this food truck website template to start your mobile business now.

Mobile business idea website example

02. Coffee, smoothie and specialty drinks truck

From offering high-end coffee to fruity and refreshing fruity smoothies, small business owners can open a mobile cafe without substantial costs.

You won’t have to settle on just one location to conduct your business. Take your cafe on wheels to greet and serve customers at music festivals, cultural conferences, outdoor events and more.

Try this cafe website template to start your mobile business now.

03. Dessert truck

Looking to create the ultimate sugar extravaganza for sweet tooth customers? Consider opening a dessert truck.

With some creativity, you can take this mobile business idea far. Wix user Elizabeth Miranda, owner of Postrique, a San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley-based catering and pop-up bakery, was inspired by Mexican panaderias when she launched her first mobile business.

Tip: Postrique combines a combination of the Spanish word for dessert (postre) and the French word for Mexico (Mexique).Use a business name generator to maximize creativity and profitability in your business name.

Try this dessert shop website template to start your mobile business now.

04. Bar service

Clients hire a complete mobile bar service to set the festive mood at office parties, weddings, retirement parties and more. And as an entrepreneur, this versatile mobile business is also part of a booming event industry estimated to reach over $115 billion by 2028, as reported by Allied Market Research.

Try this bar delivery website template to start your mobile business now.

05. Handyman and special repairs

If you’ve got a knack for home repairs, including fixing loose tiles, hanging doors or painting walls, you might want to consider this profitable mobile business idea. If you make yourself available to make emergency repairs during odd hours, you can charge a premium rate for these special services.

Try this home improvement company website template to start your mobile business now.

06. Cleaning services

Customers look for a reputable house and office cleaning service that offers specialized cleaning, including carpet cleaning and laundry stripping.

Try this cleaning service website template to start your mobile business now.

07. Pet grooming

Start your own pet grooming mobile business, and relieve clients from traveling with their animals to a salon. You can convert a trailer or van into a mobile pet salon and build a service website with an online payment platform to take appointments and manage bookings.

Try this pet groomer website template to start your mobile business now.

08. Vintage clothing

Set up a mobile vintage clothing business and reach a diverse customer base at festivals or fairs—or even just a sunny day at the park. You’ll want to invest in clothing racks, a full-length mirror and chairs so shoppers may feel at ease as they browse and try on your wares and accessories.

Try this clothing store website template customizable for your mobile business now.

09. Mobile beauty salon

If you’re certified, travel to your clients whenever they need a hair trim, perm, brow wax or gel nail refill.

Furnish your mobile beauty salon with comfortable salon seating, sink, towel racks, mirrors and essential beauty tools—just remember to also check your electrical outlets and water lines.

Try this beauty salon website template to start your mobile business now.

10. Mobile mechanic

When cars need repair, the last thing car owners want is to figure out how to get to a faraway garage. As a trained on-the-go mechanic, you can offer repair services and on-location assistance at clients’ homes or on the road.

Try this mechanic website template to start your mobile business now.

11. Farmer’s market vendor

Local, organic vegetable and fruit roadside stands are in demand. Upgrade your stand and make it mobile. Travel to farmers’ markets and expand your network, as well as diversify your offerings to include jams, pies and pickled goods. Once you’re on wheels, you can also offer delivery service.

Try this farm website template to start your mobile business now.

12. Independent bookstore

Independent bookstores don’t just sell books—they build community. Take part in the time-honored tradition of “bookmobiles,” and directly engage with readers at public spaces like parks and beaches. You can also travel to communities without a bookstore and serve those readers.

Try this bookstore website template to start your mobile business now.

13. Florist

People buy flowers for nearly every special occasion and even for self-care. Sell your bouquet and floral arrangements by bike, car or van to customers in different neighborhoods and towns.

Try this flower shop website template to start your mobile business now.

14. Party bus

Give party goers the ultimate transportation experience. Your clients may range from wedding to birthday party guests, festival goers, reunion attendees and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette party

Try this transportation website template to start your mobile business now.

15. Junk removal

Customers often need help hauling away large broken items after home renovation projects or moving in. You might have to move their junk from a backyard, basement, attic or even walk-up apartment—calculate your rate accordingly.

Try this moving company website template to start your mobile business now.

16. Yoga instructor

Certified yoga instructors can lead in-person sessions on demand, reaching local clients from all over.

Try this yoga instructor website template to start your mobile business now.

17. Mobile electronic repair

You’ll fix your customers’ broken smartphone, tablet or desktop screens and repair any other issues that may arise. Offer paid specialized tech training sessions as an additional side hustle to teach clients how to solve their own minor malfunctions.

Try this electronic repair website template to start your mobile business now.

18. Mobile fitness business

Many find it hard to make a regular trip to their gym or local fitness studio. As a mobile fitness trainer, give clients an on-location workout.

Try this fitness instructor website template to start your mobile business now.

19. Tech help

Clients looking for tech support want fast solutions. A mobile tech service can be the best remedy for individuals—and even small business owners—with troubleshooting and data recovery issues. In some cases, customers can’t physically move their troubled devices to a repair shop, making this online business idea in demand.

Try this IT services company website template to start your mobile business now.

20. Tutoring

For students who need extra support, qualified tutors are the first line of defense. You can offer specialized tutoring (like SAT prep) or general educational services. And traveling to your clients will give you a competitive advantage

Try this tutoring website template to start your mobile business now.

21. Photographer

Professional photographers cover everything from weddings, engagements, birthday parties, company events and conferences. To become a mobile photographer, all you need is a vehicle, professional equipment and a website so prospective clients can browse your portfolio and book your services.

Try this photography website template to start your mobile business now.

22. Auto detailing service

Many car owners care a lot about vehicle maintenance and seek professional auto detailing services when it’s time to get an exterior wash and wax, window cleaning, surface polishing or interior cleaning. Make your business even more attractive by offering these services with a convenient and satisfying home visit.

Try this auto detailing template to start your mobile business now.

23. Refill station

Mindful consumers want sustainable packaging. Create a business that helps people go plastic-free, like a refill station. Sell reusable bottles and offer soap, toothpaste, shampoo and detergent, so customers can fill up. Take your station to venues like farmers’ markets to reach your eco-friendly clientele.

Try this eco-packaging template to start your mobile business now.

24. Mobile veterinary service

Just like a sick human, an animal that falls ill needs medical care and immediate attention. Make your veterinary practice mobile and allow more pet owners to access your expertise.

Try this veterinary clinic website template to start your mobile business now.

25. Mobile photo booth

People love easily sharing images, reels and GIFs taken in novelty photo booths. If you want to enter the events industry, you can strategically hit the party scene with a mobile booth. Offer clients different photo booth options, such as open air, GIF, 180-degree, magic mirror and slow motion.

Try this party rental website template to start your mobile business now.

26. Mobile billboard service

Local businesses may opt for moving ads over stationary ones, since these mobile billboards reach multiple locations and customers over time. Rent a mobile billboard van and drive through the most popular sites in your community to get in the mix.

Try this advertising agency website template to start your mobile business now.

27. Locksmith

As a locksmith, you know everything about picking, installing and maintaining locks. Customers call locksmiths in emergency situations, so getting there as fast as possible can be a huge sell.

Try this locksmith website template to start your mobile business now.

28. Courier

To deliver packages, you need a reliable mode of transport. You’ll also need a good GPS tracking system (so clients can follow their packages on the way), some sturdy dolly carts and insurance (since you may deal with sensitive deliveries.)

Try this courier company website template to start your mobile business now.

29. Knife sharpening

It takes skill and the right equipment (i.e. sharpening stones) to start a knife sharpening business. Making it mobile gives you an edge, since customers looking to get their knives sharpened may not want to go out of their way for a quick service. Consider also selling quality kitchen knives to your customers.

Try this kitchen supply store website template to start your mobile business now.

30. Bike repair service

Cyclists need a reliable repair service after a “break down,” and many will appreciate getting roadside help. If you can offer more specialized services, like for vintage bikes or other unique bikes, you might see your client list grow.

Try this bike repair shop template to start your mobile business now.

31. Recycling and compost station

More consumers worldwide want to recycle, a 2021 study by Amcor reports. Offer a recycling and composting station on wheels to reach customers looking for an easier way to recycle. Buy the right compost equipment and recycling bins for sorting and collection.

Try this recycling facility template to start your mobile business now.

32. Catering services

From cotton candy, cupcakes, kettle corn and crepes, think about all the menu possibilities you could offer your customers. Take your catering operations to weddings, conferences, parties and festivals.

Wix user and owner of Whole Le Crepe Tina Paoloa said once she mastered the “perfect crepe recipe,” she was ready to launch her mobile business idea.

Try this catering company website template to start your mobile business now.

Mobile business idea website example

33. Makeup artist

Clients want their own personal “glam squad” especially for weddings, graduation ceremonies and birthdays. Provide convenient on-site makeup expertise and help your customers feel their best on their important day.

Try this makeup artist website template to start your mobile business now.

34. Laundry service

Pick up and deliver your customer’s laundry to give them peace of mind. You can offer dry cleaning and other specialty services, like mending, to your menu, too.

Try this laundry shop website template to start your mobile business now.

35. Landscaping services

Assist homeowners or commercial spaces maintain their yards by providing mobile mowing, weeding, plant treatment, insect removal and more. While some heavy lifting is required, invest in the proper maintenance equipment to make the job smoother.

Try this landscaping service website template to start your mobile business now.

36. Solar panel installation

Home solar panel installation continues to rise in the U.S., according to a recent Pew survey. You can tap into this potential customer base with a mobile service. You’ll need access to solar panels and the know-how to install them, as well as establish authority in this niche market.

Try this solar panel installation website template to start your mobile business now.

How to start a mobile business

Ready to take the next step with any of these mobile business ideas? Start here:

01. Build a business plan

To understand what you need, where you fit in the market and how to price your product or service, you’ll want to create a business plan. Include the following components—all available in this free template: executive summary, company description, product and services, market analysis, marketing, management plans, financial projections and any additional information to help with your business roadmap.

02. Apply for licenses, permits

Before you can take your mobile business to the streets, you will need to acquire the right permits and licenses. Some U.S. cities limit the number of truck permits issued at a time. So check your municipal website to find out more about whether you can apply and how.

For food and drink services, you will need to follow instructions on the Board of Health regulations website. Your business will be subject to health department inspectors and food checks.

03. Find parking

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Charles Boyle famously addressed the food truck struggle of fighting for the perfect parking spot in this clip, but the truth is greater than fiction. Cities like New York enact strict parking rules and regulations, and vehicle owners must adhere or pay a fine. Do your research to know where you can and cannot park your truck, or opt for a reliable parking garage.

By Cecilia Lazzaro

Small Business Expert & Writer


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